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MEDITERRANEAN ARTISTS CO. was founded in 1987 when I came to live in the U.S. and brought with me, from my native Israel, the most unique jewelry design concepts and creations that Israel jewelry makers could offer.


I believe that I developed a sense for beauty and aesthetics since my childhood when I grew up in Tiberi as Israel, a small picturesque town surrounded by the beauty and vistas of the Sea of Galilee. While in Israel, I experienced also the darker sides of the human existence by having to fight in the Suez Canal zone in the opening days of the traumatic Yom Kippur war in 1973. I also took part in the 1982 First Lebanon War. Despite that difficult experience, I did not abandon my thirst for a peaceful and normal life as a result of which, I chose to engage in artistic and creative endeavors. I studied film in the Be it Zvi Academy of Fine Arts, one of Israel's best. My training led to a career in Israel's film industry and the ownership of an art


In 1987 I moved to the U.S. and settled initially in the mid-western part of the U.S. I chose to bring with me from Israel jewelry designs that were primarily unique, unusual and different. I managed to develop in the Mid-West market a following for our brand of jewelry which has endured to the present day. Operating today from our base in California, our company has expanded its reach to the entire U.S. through sales reps. We also developed a large assortment of our unique jewelry. The collections include pieces made with authentic components such as colorful ancient Roman glass and authentic Roman
coins, all found in archeological excavations in the Holy Land.


Other lines include elaborate and beautifully crafted mosaic pieces. Fresh water pearls have a major presence in our designs and so are semi-precious stones extracted from Mother Nature. For example, we have pieces made with natural quartz stone called Druzi or Obsidian that has been crafted from volcano lava. Most of our jewelry is made with sterling silver or a combination of silver and gold.


Last but not least, the unique look of our jewelry with the emphasis on its authenticity and artistic flair has landed us in numerous jewelry stores, fashion boutiques and art galleries around the country. Furthermore, the well-known Sundance Catalogue has been working with our designs for the last 20 years. Our pieces may be seen and purchased in a large number of reputable Museums of Art.


I invite you to browse through our jewelry collections displayed in this site and enjoy what you see. I also invite you to contact us with any further questions or service needs.


Rony Yizhaky- Founder and CEO

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